Episode 4 - Post E3 Thoughts

In this episode, we talk about some of our thoughts about the E3 press conferences and announcements. The Games segment is pretty lenghty, as is the Movies, but we make up for it by not having a lot to talk about in Entertinment and by playing just two quick games. Sorry it has taken so long, but life has thrown us a curveball lately and we’re trying our best to do all the things all at once. Enjoy the show!

Episode 3 - Pre E3 Hype

On this episode, we talk about some of our thoughts heading into E3.  We cover the usual stuff like what we've been playing and watching, while trying to add in some fun predictions (which turned out to be hilariously wrong in some cases).  We also talk a little bit about a vacation we recently went on.  Matt wasn't sure there'd be enough content, but as per usual when he thinks that, we went way long.  We hope you enjoy!

Episode 2 - The Year So Far

This episode we're getting caught up on 2018.  We talk about what we've done recently, catch up on awards shows, and even recap top news stories.  We hope you enjoy but strap in for another long one!  We also apologize for things that come up that are incorrect in the podcast (Matt feels bad for stating Radical Heights was developed by Epic when it's developed by Boss Key, among other mistakes he had).  We're doing our best but we're just some regular people - we make mistakes!

Episode 1

The show is finally here!  In episode 1, we talk about all of our favorite things so you can get to know us better.  We also touch on some of the things that we're watching/playing/reading/etc. at the present.  Video games!  Movies! Books! Board games!  A baby in the background!  A special appearance by the cat!  Who knows what else is in store?  Well ... we do, and you will too soon!  We hope you enjoy!